Weight of items is measures in the weight of coins, and as such may be referred to as weight in GP. 1 coin weighs 1/20 of a pound. All coins weigh the same. This is to make it easy to calculate how much loot you can carry out.
Minor adventuring equipment like things listed in the Supplies table are not tracked. There is a flat miscellaneous deduction of 8 lbs regardless of how little or much you are carrying, assuming you don’t go crazy. Your base speed is determined by the amount of weight you are carrying. Max weight is modified by your Strength modifier, 50 per point.

Type Rate Base Speed / turn 10’ / min Max Weight
Light Foot 12 inch 240 feet 3 75
Heavy Foot 9 inch 180 feet 2 100
Armored Foot 6 inch 120 feet 1 150
Maximum 3 inch 60 feet 1/2 300

1" = 10’ inside, 10 yards outside.
1 turn is 10 minutes and consists of 2 moves at your base speed. This assume you are mapping. If you are hurrying, you can move at double speed.
Every hour movement requires 1 turn of rest, 2 if you were hurrying.


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