Turn Undead

Requires a holy symbol.


Points: Cleric level. Can spend spell slots to add 1d6 per spell level. Silver holy symbol gives +1 and bigger bonuses are possible.

Hold: 1 point per HD. Cannot advance towards cleric. Saving throw allows for attacking.
Turn: 2 points per HD. Will flee. Saving throw allows for intelligent retreat.
Destroy: 3 points per HD. Deals damage equal to current HP. Saving throw halves damage.


Affects 2d6 undead.

Undead that are at least 3 HD lower than the caster are immediately destroyed.
Undead with fewer HD than the cleric are immediately turned.
Undead with at least 3 more HD than caster are immune to turning.

Otherwise, roll 2d6.
A 7 or higher will turn undead of equal or lower HD to caster.
A 9 or higher will turn undead of up to 1 more HD than caster.
An 11 or higher will turn undead up to 2 more HD than caster.

Turned undead cannot move towards or attack the caster. They do not flee and may attack others if it does not involving directly facing the caster.

Turn Undead

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