Weapon: Any
Armor: Shield only


Fire off Rocks: Octorok’s shoot rocks out of their mouths, its pretty much their main thing.
The craggy projectile has a range of 40 ft, and can be fired each round in lieu of a normal attack. Damage for a rock begins at 1d6 at levels 1-4, increases to 1d8 at levels 5-9, and 1d10 at level 10 and up. Octoroks may add their dexterity bonus to hit with this attack, and their constitution bonus to damage rolls with it.

Tentacles : Octorok’s can hold more items or weapons then a normal person can, counting as having four “hands” instead of two. If multiple weapons are held (or when fighting with a free tentacle) then an Octorok may re-roll a miss in melee combat. If this is done, the additional roll must be made with a weapon other then the one used in the initial attack.

If an Octorok makes an attack when unarmed, its tentacles do 1d4 points of damage.

Leap: Octorok’s are surprisingly good jumpers, and can make 10’ high vertical leaps without a running start. They may also make leaps at double their normal move if they choose not to utilize their rock projectile attack.

At level 5 an Octorok turns blue, and its rock attack counts as a magical weapon for purposes of dealing damage to certain monsters.


Uses Fighter Saving Throws and Cleric BAB.

Level XP Required HD Rock Dmg
1 0 1d6 1d6
2 1,800 2d6 1d6
3 3,600 3d6 1d6
4 7,200 4d6 1d6
5 14,400 5d6 1d8
6 28,800 6d6 1d8
7 57,600 7d6 1d8
8 115,200 8d6 1d8
9 230,400 9d6 1d8
+1 +100,000 +2 1d10


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