A warlord is a fighter who leads the party with his inspiring words and superb tactics. Warlords are commonly found laying out sweet stratagems, maneuvering their allies into position, or shouting at wimps who complain that they “can’t fight with this sucking gut wound”.


As Fighter


At each odd level gained (at level 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.) you may choose an ability from the Warlord Ability List.


Uses Fighter Saving Throws and XP progression, and the Cleric base attack bonus.

Name Level

At 9th level, the Warlord gains the ability to command an army of up to 1000 soldiers per level. Everyone in the army is considered to be an ally for the purposes of Commands, though the effects will still be limited by the 30’ radius. Furthermore, the Warlord’s Commands can now also be used as Gambits – essentially the same thing but on a battlefield scale. For example, a Tactical Gambit could be used to steal a march on the enemy, an Analysing Gambit could maneuver a unit into position to flank, etc.


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